Heritage About


Active Ventures, LLC is the parent identity of Heritage Management the New York-based property maintenance company providing construction, general maintenance and emergency management services. 

The mission of Heritage Management is to meet the needs of our commercial property owners, Boards of Directors and managers who desire to consolidate property maintenance services with one qualified, dependable vendor they trust. At Heritage Management Services, we bring together the expertise of three services to best serve the needs of our clients and property owners.


PARKING LOT SERVICES  We provide unmatched service and quality in the areas of parking lot sweeping, power washing, ice/snow removal, and general maintenance. We serve retail, industrial, and commercial customers.

HERITAGE BUILD MANAGEMENT focusing on all aspects of light commercial, multi-family construction and property maintenance.

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT provides 24/7 emergency response and clean up from water and storm damage. We provide complete construction services to restore your property back to its original condition as soon as possible and minimize any inconvenience.